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Member Benefits

We promote, connect, and advocate for all local businesses within our Alliance Areas


How we serve our members:

Share industry intelligence so you can plan for current and future business opportunities. We’ll provide you with the latest projections for solar project’s construction starts, positioning you to submit timely proposals.

Display your business name, logo, description, and contact information listed in the SCVBA directory. Solar contractors, especially ones from out of state, need a single source of information to fill their positions and find the goods, supplies, and services they need. Our comprehensive directory is a trusted source for reliable, affordable, and reputable businesses.

Connect you directly with contractors. Have a new service offer or novel business opportunity? Through SCVBA, you can connect and network directly with solar contractors to expand, innovate, and find partners for your business.

Establish your reputation among local and interstate contractors. Grow your reach and name recognition in our area and across the nation.

Amplify a collective voice for local businesses in the South-Central area to shape future opportunities.